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Brooklyn Ramen spot: MenyaJiro

MenyaJiro is a pretty famous Japanese Ramen spot located on 306 Gold Street in Downtown Brooklyn.

I think there are only a few locations outside of Japan, but the original store started in Tokyo. I went there for a work lunch with two friends; the sun was shining and it was a really nice day to be outside.

Japanese Nachos. $9. 8/10.

We started off with this bowl of Japanese Nachos -- this was a size "small" but it was enough to feed the three of us. It's made of tuna, salmon, fried wanton chips, seaweed salad, and mayo. I'd give it a solid 8/10 for price, taste, and portion size.

Sakurajima Ramen. $15 (Lunch Special). 8/10.

We moved on to entrees. I got this Spicy Sakurajima Ramen for $15 as part of their lunch special; it came with a small, plain salad that was pretty yummy. It also came with pork char siu, bean sprouts, fried garlic, and scallions. The broth was very good. It's usually $17 and comes without the egg or the corn; so go during lunch! It was pretty filling and I left some noodles in the bowl.

Close-up of Pork Char Siu

This is not the most glamorous picture, but I wanted to get a close up shot of the char siu. It was super soft and tender; the fat melted in my mouth and the rest of the meat had a semi-firm but easily chewable texture. I always like a little meat in my ramen.

Wasabi Shoyu Ramen. $16.

Christina got this dish and really liked it; it's part of a special collaboration between the restaurant and Ramen Kings.

Sapporo Miso Tsukemen. $16.

Lisa got this dish; it's basically deconstructed ramen with plant-based "meat". Looked pretty good!

Overall, I'd recommend this place for a date night, lunch with coworkers, or just for yourself. The staff was friendly and the tables were clean; our waitress also offered us hand sanitizer. Tipping is optional but we did it anyway!

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