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Loreto in Brooklyn: Modern, chic, Italian food.

I recently visited Loreto, an Italian bar and restaurant, in Downtown Brooklyn with my co-worker, Scott. Located across from Brooklyn Academy of Music and in the midst of a busy intersection, I predict Loreto will experience a boom in popularity once the weather is nicer and word of mouth spreads. They only opened a month ago and have happy hour from 4-6pm every day.

TLDR: The food was excellent, service exceptional, and desserts phenomenal. Perfect for a date night or place to take your parents who are visiting NYC.

When I walked in, I was pleasantly greeted by a bath of warm, neutral tones. The furniture and interior design feel like something out of a design magazine.

Comfortable seating and gorgeous views.

Classico Negroni. Garnished with Coffee. $14.

I don't drink, but Scott got the Classico Negroni, their signature cocktail made up of dry gin, campari, and house vermouth. Don't ask me what any of that means, because I have no idea. He liked it!

The Loreto Pizza. $23. 8.5/10.

This beauty came garnished with arugula, prosciutto di parma, and shaved parmesan. I love a good burrata. I would've preferred if the crust were a little more firm, but that's a personal preference. I was stuffed after two slices. 8.5/10 for taste, quality of ingredients, and presentation. Would recommend.

Fettucine al Ragu. $26. 7.5/10.

This pasta dish came next; I loved the basil leaf garnish and the springy-ness of the noodles. I'm giving it a 7.5/10 because the portion was a bit small for the price, but other than that, very well made.

Candles and wine bottles adorn the centerpiece table of the restaurant, which acts as both a divider and traffic diverter.

Branzino al Forno. $32. 9/10.

Fabulous and fantastic Branzino. I am a big fan of white fish -- cooked correctly. The watercress and herb salsa verde really made the dish. It was cooked beautifully and I would definitely recommend eating it with lemon. Amazing dish, would recommend.

Their desserts made me cry. Torta al Cioccolato. $12. 10/10.

This was my favourite dessert. It's a chocolate hazelnut cake topped with chocolate ganache, ice cream, and salted caramel. Could not stop eating.

We also ate the Cheesecake Pudding ($10). Really fabulous, especially with the pavlova sliver to garnish. 9/10, only because I loved the Chocolate tart too much.

Sorbet. $9.

I was too full to take another bite, but their sorbet looked beautiful.

Overall, really lovely experience. The general manager, bartender, and servers were phenomenal and we had a very lovely time.

Loreto is located at 280 Ashland Place in Downtown Brooklyn.

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Sam Kececi
Sam Kececi
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