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Sushi Katsuei in Park Slope: Unpretentious and delicious.

Woohoo! My boyfriend Sam and I recently ate at Sushi Katsuei in Brooklyn! The restaurant is along 7th Ave, a very cool street that seemed to be teeming with quaint and adorable little hole-in-the-wall and omg-you-must-go-here places.

Shrimp Tempura. $12.

We were seated in a sectioned-off area of the restaurant with wooden-covid-contraptions on both sides (can you imagine describing this to someone in 2019?)

We started off with Shrimp Tempura ($12). It was 3 pieces of lightly battered shrimp that came with dipping sauce. I liked it. 9/10.

Sushi Deluxe. $35. 10/10.

Both Sam and I ended up ordering the Sushi Deluxe ($35). The Omakase (which means "leave it up to you", aka a meal consisting of dishes chosen by the chef) is actually what they're famous for and goes for $57. Sue us.

Sushi Deluxe with Shrimp! $35.

I have a shrimp allergy but Sam doesn't, so he got the shrimp (you'll notice my dish does not have shrimp). The Sushi Deluxe comes with 9 pieces of sushi and 1 cut roll (we both got tuna). The dish came with salmon, tuna, red snapper, inari, scallop (I didn't really like it, Sam did), and some other fish I can't remember. Sorry. We both had hot tea to accompany the meal.

Red Snapper.

Here's a close up! Overall, I really enjoyed our meal! Great value for the hospitality, freshness of the seafood, and presentation. Would recommend.

Here's their menu. They're located at 210 7th Ave in Brooklyn.

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